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Production, Ordering & Shipping

What is the production lead time?

The production lead time will usually lie between 45 to 90 working days primarily depending on the volume and the type of product. An order comprising of a wide variety of items and designs may take longer.
The usual lead time for furniture would be more than 60 days.
The usual lead time for accessories would be less than 60 days.

What is the minimum order quantity for an order?

There is no minimum order quantity set for any particular product. Understandably, MOQ for more expensive & bulky products such as furniture will be less than for home decorative products. As a guiding rule, the minimum total invoice value should amount to US $5000.

Will you submit to a factory audit?

Yes, our clients can visit our factory and get their products reviewed or have a quality check performed before their orders are dispatched.

What is the mode of delivery used by VAE?

Delivery of products is done through renowned courier & freight forwarding agents that operate worldwide.
Goods can also be shipped with the freight forwarding company of your choice or can be combined with one of your other FCL/LCL shipments.

Which countries do you ship to? Have you shipped to our country before?

VAE ships orders worldwide. We have delivered products to the USA, UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand and to the Middle East. To confirm about any particular destination or for further details please contact us at:
Tel : +(91)-(11)-2350830/24351189
E-mail :

How many days will it take for a shipment to reach its destination?

The process of packaging, labeling, stuffing, final inspection by the buyer or their agent (if any), transport of goods from the factory to port and customs clearance usually takes 10 to 14 days. Thereafter, it depends on the different sea lines, destination and on the date of vessel sailing. The approximate time for the most popular destinations is given below:

1. USA – 30 days
2. UK & Western Europe – 25 days
3. Eastern Europe – 20-25 days
4. Australia – 20-25 days
5. South East Asia – 20 days

What are the different modes of payment available?

We would prefer payments via Bank transfer or T/T in advance. We also accept payments through Letter of Credit and PayPal. We apologize for not accepting payments through cashier’s cheque, money order, credit or debit cards.

How do I contact VAE regarding my order or a new inquiry?

In order to place an inquiry, please browse through our product showcase and add the products you would be interested in, to the inquiry form. Once finished, kindly fill in your contact details requested in the form. We will revert back to all inquiries within 48 hours.

For any other queries please contact us at:
Tel : +(91)-(11)-2350830/24351189
E-mail :

Product Development & Design

Can we get our own products designed?

Absolutely! Take inspiration from existing designs and products on the web or simply share with us what your designer has come up with and we’ll get to work. Input designs can be sketches or drawings in CAD, PDF, PSD or an image format or could also be photographs of an existing product.

Can VAE handle stamping, labeling, bar-codes and other packing requirements?

Get your products packed as ready to be shipped to the end customer!

Carton marking is made as specified by the client. Stickers, bar codes and hand tags for the products as well as inner/box can also be made as per the buyer’s request. Apart from the above we also handle exclusive packaging requests that include packaging in fabric bag etc.

How much automation is used in your company?

All our products are 100% handmade which make them incredibly unique, artistic and individual.  Our artisans, do however, use some small machines and tools which are all hand operated in order to speed up the production process, aid the workers and to support the preliminary work of production.

Due to this reason, please expect slight variations in the products.

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